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Families are made up of unique individuals, each with their own thoughts, opinions, and reactions to situations. It is natural for conflict to occur in families; even when unintentional feelings can be hurt. Family conflict can be healthy if dealt with in a restorative manner. No matter where the conflict is coming from in a family it impacts the entire family and can be extremely stressful and at times quiet destructive.

Restorative Encounters is here to assist families with any situations that may be causing angst. Whether it is a behavioral issue, reintegrating a family member who has been away whether on deployment or incarcerated, adding a new family member through marriage or adoption, we are here to assist in addressing the issues and making transitions as smooth as possible.

To assist in restoring family unity, Restorative Encounters offers:

     ◾ Facilitated family dialogue.

     ◾ Family mediation.

     ◾ Integration program for blended families, whether through marriage

         or adoption.

     ◾ Families on the Front Lines, offering families of those in the armed

         services support and guidance on what to expect when their loved

         one returns home.

     ◾ Welcome Home, reintegration services for families with loved ones

         returning after incarceration.

Restorative Encounters

In Families

You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them.

- Bishop Desmond Tutu

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