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Working for a more just world, Restorative Encounters is a non-profit association of restorative justice professionals and organizations offering resources and training in restorative practices based on the values and principles of restorative justice. Our associates and partners specialize in equipping and assisting people to work through conflict within churches, the criminal justice system, families, and/or school systems. We at Restorative Encounters are here to equip you with the tools you need and walk with you through the process of conflict transformation. Working with you to restore relationships and communities.

Restorative Justice is a path to personal and societal healing. Based on the principles and values of restorative justice our trainings and consultancy work focuses on teaching communication skills, community development, facilitating difficult discussions, and training people in restorative ways to handle disciplinary issues, and respond to complaints and grievances.

All of our programs are based on four key features:

     ◾ Respect – for everyone by listening to other view points and learning to value them.

     ◾ Responsibility - taking responsibility for our actions.

     ◾ Repair – developing the skills to identify solutions that repair harm.

     ◾ Re-entry/ Reconciliation - working through a supportive collaborative processes to come to address needs and

         obligations that have arisen from a harm that occurred.

Restorative Encounters primary concern is offering resources and training that people may be better equipped to deal with conflict in a restorative manner, balancing concern for all parties.

For a more information or a free consultation contact us at  


the poor, the brokenhearted, the captives, and the prisoners

will restore the places long devastated and renew the ruined cities

- Adapted from Isaiah 61:1-4

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