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remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them

- Hebrews 13:3

Crime causes injury to people and communities. Restorative Encounters works with those affected by crime and those within the criminal justice system on a journey of personal and societal healing. Based on restorative justice, our programs look at what harm has occurred and what needs have arisen from that harm, who is obligated to meet those needs, and who all has been impacted by this harm and it's consequences. Our aim is to encourage taking responsibility for our actions and working toward healing of all affected by crime.

Damaged relationships are both a cause and effect of crime. Restorative Encounters programs encompass support and guidance for victims and their families, offenders and their families, and the larger affected community. Our associates include victim advocates, re-entry specialists, lawyers, and restorative justice professionals. We aim to look not only at what harm has occurred and how that harm may be made as right as possible, but we look to see why this harm might have happened in the first place and address root causes. By doing so we are working toward a more just world.

Restorative Encounters offers:

     ◾ Re-entry programming for correctional facilities 

     ◾ Re-entry coaching for incarcerated people and their families

     ◾ Restorative Justice training for correctional officers, prison and jail  

         employees, police officers, lawyers, and incarcerated people

     ◾ Transition Circle Processes, planning for release and upon release

     ◾ Victim Offender Conferencing

     ◾ Victim Support Groups

     ◾ Mother's of Incarcerated or Recently Release Children, support group

Restorative Encounters

In Criminal Justice

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