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Facilitated Family Dialogue is a facilitated process that is designed to support families through difficult conversation and assist in decision making. Throughout life families will have many things they will need to discuss and make decisions about together and often many feel their voice has not been heard causing hurt feelings and conflict. The Facilitated Family Dialogue process focuses on allowing all members to have a chance to voice their concerns, hopes, dreams and ideas for change by promising confidentiality, empowering the family, and valuing each individuals input.

Participants in this setting usually include immediate family, care-givers, extended family, and occasionally others from the community such as faith leaders, and friends. Each process is adapted to the unique needs, perspective, traditions, and culture of the family, rather than forcing the family into a scripted or generic system.

Our main concern is for all involved to feel they have had the opportunity to express themselves in a safe manner and that the outcomes are agreeable to all involved.

Restorative Encounters Associates have Facilitated Family Dialogues around areas including:
     ◾ A disruptive child
     ◾ Divorce
     ◾ Adoption
     ◾ Living agreements for children moving back home
     ◾ Supervised care of an elderly parent
     ◾ and more

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Facilitated Family Dialogue

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